mönk is an independent design practice based between Beirut and London, offering design solutions in visual identities, art direction, UI/UX, and web design. Our studio is also involved in archiving; and the production of museum-grade prints.

For project inquiries contact us at hello@monkstudeyo.com

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Category Fashion
Features -
Trade Fashion Designer
Location Beirut
Year 2020
Discipline Visual Identity
Significantly influenced academically and in practice by an industrial, architectural, musical, fashion and a cultural background, Judas approaches her art in a constructively architectural brutal praxis, audacity, androgyny, a high sense of delicacy and experimentation. mönk was commissioned with uplifting the logo.
Category Manufacturing
Features Site Inspire
Client PSLab
Trade Lighting Manufacturer
Location Beirut
Year 2022
Discipline Web Design
PSLab is a lighting manufacturer in Beirut with bases in London, Antwerp, Paris, Bologna, Dubai, and Amsterdam. The essence of the brand lies in a non-catalog design philosophy, this project is an uplift of their public site in collaboration with the brand.
Category Architecture
Features -
Client DK01
Trade Architect
Location London
Year 2024
Discipline UI/UX + Social Media
Dina Kamal is a design practice based in London, specializing in creating precious objects, mönk contributed to the strategic development of the visual language, web design, image production, retouching, and content creation for the brand's identity.
Category Arts & Culture
Trade Fossil Gallery
Location Beirut
Year 2019
Discipline Visual Identity
BFM is a digital gallery that displays gathered fossils from around the world. Whilst providing an educational brief, the museum serves as a medium that enables users to view curated fossils exhibited on the museum's platform.
Category Publication
Features -
Client LAU
Trade Academics
Location Byblos
Year 2024
Discipline Cover Design
As part of the Lebanese American University's on-going workshops, our studio was commissioned with designing the cover for 'Riso Printed Chairs' a collective zine where 26 participants explored their individual perspectives of what makes a chair.
Category Health
Client Cailletier
Trade Olive Oil Company
Location Washington DC
Year 2020
Discipline Visual Identity
Cailletier is an olive farm located in the Biqâ Valley, about 19 miles east of Beirut. When it came to the visual aesthetics of this project, the client wanted an avant-garde image that captured the craft of olive oil making, which, as a result, launched a series of visual explorations.
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